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Client Feedback examples

David Crowe Sally Crowe
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“I started working with David at a time in my life when I was deeply unhappy. I didn’t know if this was work related but I knew that I wasn’t performing at my best and wasn’t feeling fully engaged with all that working life has to offer. I felt shut off, uninspired and exhausted. When I first met David, I trusted him right away. His thoughtful, flexible and honest approach was perfectly suited to me. After only a few sessions he had me really opening up and was fantastic at gently probing to see what I needed to do to feel more like myself again. He gave me confidence to speak to those around me – at work and at home – and tell them what I needed to do. After working with David for a few months my foundation was built back up again, and David and I then transitioned more to working on a much more positive footing. We started talking about my ambitions, identifying my strengths and thinking about what kind of career I wanted”

Private client

Its been brilliant working with David – he is an excellent coach. He took time to understand my situation and through coaching sessions and exercises provided me with clarity and confidence to make the career move.

He combines professional insight and empathy to provide a relaxed environment in which to discuss and develop ideas. This provided me with strong foundations and structure to make informed and positive career decisions.

I have always enjoyed the coaching session with David and would definitely use again.

George Simons: private client

“The coaching work has been invaluable in providing an objective view from someone outside the organisation to reflect on the short term pressures whilst not losing sight of the bigger picture. Business benefits have been that is has enabled me to remain focused on my current job and seeking the positives within the role.Personally it has restored my confidence and made me realise that I do have many strengths which I shouldn’t lose sight of. Personally the sessions have also been of assistance from a holistic perspective,something I didn’t expect at the outset. Life, as well as career changing, thank you.”

Stuart Mitchelmore: Associate Director of Integrated Operations  Central Bedfordshire Council 

I’ve known David for a number of years now, having met David at a previous employer.

I enjoy David’s coaching style, whilst encouraging my growth and giving me the skills to make life changes, David has also shown compassion and empathy, which has been very helpful during some particularly challenging times.

David is currently coaching me through a major life change, having decided to leave a secure, well paid role in the City to try my hand at self employment. David has been helpful at steering me through the moments of real challenge during this change.

And above all else, David is just a really nice bloke to chat to – and that in itself is a really great thing.

Simon Lacey; private client

PPI Toolkit: “I did buy your book last year; awesome toolkit; congratulations!”

  France Légaré, MD, PhD, CCFP, FCFP  Canada Conference Presentation: “Thank you so much for the presentations, inputs and inspiration, it`s so impressive.”

Gro Jamtvedt, (Executive Director)
Norwegian Knowledge Centre for Health Services

“It was a great pleasure to meet with you and I really enjoyed the workshop. Skilled facilitators like you are a treat to work with.”

Marta Segerdahl Storck, Grünenthal GmbH, Germany  

“We are very appreciative of your hard work and preparation for the productive and fun workshop session on Friday at the congress.

I know the patient reps enjoyed it”.

Judy Birch, Chair, Pelvic Pain Support Network UK

“Let me begin by saying that the experience working on the dialysis project has been great fun, and has convinced me that this is very important work. I cannot thank Sally enough for all of her support and wisdom. 

I have appreciated the flexibility that Sally has shown in allowing us to tailor the process to Canada and dialysis patients.”

Andreas Laupacis MD, MSc, FRCPC, Executive Director, Li Ka Shing Knowledge Institute, Canada

“I have attended a number of such consensus-finding meetings but must say never one so well conducted and fruitful. This workshop was notable for the way we arrived at the final product and a huge deal of credit goes to you. Learned a lot from the way you conducted the overall meeting, as well as the group session.”

Participant in a priority setting workshop