Client Feedback

Client Feedback examples

David Crowe Sally Crowe
“We initially engaged David for a short term contract to help with a specific part of the programme for the development of a new operational management team here at Amberley. His experience, approach and ability to develop and deliver a specific, tailored programme led to us engaging him as the main resource for development of the team over an extended period.His sheer enthusiasm and commitment in helping us reach our goal has marked him out as far more than a consultant that delivers on time and to expectation, he has shared our problems, our challenges and our successes and has truly made a real difference to our business”
Trevor Smith, Managing Director: Amberley Labels Ltd.

“I have found your support invaluable.  You call a spade a spade which has allowed us to as well.  There are few opportunities to do this safely in this world. I have found the times when you have summed up what I am expressing or reflected things back to me very helpful and thought provoking”.

Participant in Action Learning sets programme at Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead

“The coaching work has been invaluable in providing an objective view from someone outside the organisation to reflect on the short term pressures whilst not losing sight of the bigger picture. Business benefits have been that is has enabled me to remain focused on my current job and seeking the positives within the role.Personally it has restored my confidence and made me realise that I do have many strengths which I shouldn’t lose sight of. Personally the sessions have also been of assistance from a holistic perspective,something I didn’t expect at the outset. Life, as well as career changing, thank you.”

Stuart Mitchelmore: Head of Service Older people and Physical Disability, Social Care, Health and Housing, Central Bedfordshire Council 

“I have worked David for the last 4 years with the Log onto Care Project, that West Berks Local Authority have subscribed too. David is committed to providing a training system that offers each learner an opportunity of maximising their own potential, knowledge & efficiency at work. It is David’s calm and confident approach in facilitating Train the Trainer sessions that encourages learners to be able to transfer their new knowledge and skills in a rapidly changing healthcare environment. David’s personality, caring instinct and attention to detail is reassuring to all who work with him

Elizabeth Lewis, Director of Alma Care Training , Associate Trainer with West Berks Local Authority.

“David delivered a Team Development day to staff at Seeleys Respite Unit. He demonstrated a clear understanding of what it was we hoped to achieve, producing a detailed session plan relevant to this.

Though there was some initial trepidation from some staff, David quickly set people at ease through his welcoming and facilitative approach. By him creating a safe environment team members were able to express their thoughts and fears and gain a deeper understanding of one another.

Feedback following the sessions was really positive and the outcome was a much more focused and cohesive team”.

Elaine Kelly, Quality in Care Assurance Officer, Buckinghamshire County Council



PPI Toolkit: “I did buy your book last year; awesome toolkit; congratulations!”
France Légaré, MD, PhD, CCFP, FCFP Canada Research Chair in Implementation of Shared Decision Making in Primary Care, Université LavalConference Presentation: “Thank you so much for the presentations, inputs and inspiration, it`s so impressive.”
Gro Jamtvedt, (Executive Director)
Norwegian Knowledge Centre for Health Services

“It was a great pleasure to meet with you and I really enjoyed the workshop. Skilled facilitators like you are a treat to work with.”

Marta Segerdahl Storck, Grünenthal GmbH, Germany  

“We are very appreciative of your hard work and preparation for the productive and fun workshop session on Friday at the congress.

I know the patient reps enjoyed it”.

Judy Birch, Chair, Pelvic Pain Support Network UK

“Let me begin by saying that the experience working on the dialysis project has been great fun, and has convinced me that this is very important work. I cannot thank Sally enough for all of her support and wisdom. 

I have appreciated the flexibility that Sally has shown in allowing us to tailor the process to Canada and dialysis patients.”

Andreas Laupacis MD, MSc, FRCPC, Executive Director, Li Ka Shing Knowledge Institute, Canada

“I have attended a number of such consensus-finding meetings but must say never one so well conducted and fruitful. This workshop was notable for the way we arrived at the final product and a huge deal of credit goes to you. Learned a lot from the way you conducted the overall meeting, as well as the group session.”

Participant in a priority setting workshop