Critical Appraisal Skills

Critical Appraisal Skills

Critical appraisal skills (CAS) are a core skill for anyone who reads research that informs their clinical practice or any aspect of health care decision making.  CAS enables readers of research to assess the trustworthiness and validity of published research and therefore use it wisely.

It is not dissimilar to filleting a fish, lifting out the core elements of a research paper that need to be critiqued in order to make sense of the research and trust the results.  Sally has taught CAS for many years and uses the Critical Appraisal Skills Programme (CASP) resources.  She is particularly interested and skilled in teaching CAS to consumer groups, patients and carers and members of the public that have roles in research groups and projects.  She has developed specific resources and learning approaches for these groups.

Sally has delivered CAS programmes for public health teams and NHS trusts, she enjoys debunking research jargon and making commonly used statistical terms more accessible to readers and users of publish research.  For more information about CAS:

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