Giving Back

Giving back

‘Giving Back’ – this is an idea that is emerging more and more strongly – a response to the need for greater focus for ethical business practice in today’s world.

Giving back is tied in with core principles: to make a real and sustainable difference to people and organisations through the projects we deliver.

Sally’s approach is partnership working and paying attention to how people work best together to achieve more.  The James Lind Alliance is a good example.  It uses Priority Setting Partnerships achieving clear goals (top ten research questions in their area of interest) with limited funding but a lot of good will and collaboration.  Sally is also supporting an international group of patient organisations involved in Pelvic Pain to become an alliance and achieve more together than separately.  She does this in a voluntary capacity because she supports their aims and feels that Pelvic Pain is a misunderstood and marginalised area of health care.  She also contributes her time to the Cochrane Collaboration as a member of the Agenda and Priority Setting Methods Group.

David’s approach involves building and maintaining partnerships. He worked until 2 years ago on the Log on to Care partnership consortium of 10 Local Authorities for over 8 years. David has helped set up and run an active group of like minded people called “An Duir” (heart of oak) that meets every few weeks to talk through their own practice and  development/growth and a free Coaching practice network. He periodically does fundraising work for the Nasio Trust, is a non Executive Director for Young Enterprise and offers either low cost or free Coaching support to a local Hospice charity.