Patient and Public Involvement Toolkit, Cartwright J, Crowe S, Feb 2011, BMJ Books Evidence Based Toolkit Series, Wiley Blackwell 9781405199100

Now that patient and public involvement is in the mainstream of healthcare, professionals at all levels from postgraduate trainee to consultant need to understand the issues and be able to collaborate with patients on joint initiatives.

This Toolkit answers all your questions about setting up your project, and seeing it through successfully.  In the concise, easy to follow format so popular in the Toolkit series, it guides you through the process step–by–step.

A seemingly complex project will become straightforward once the principles outlined here are grasped.

“What I liked most about this book is the clear layout of the chapters. It is easy to read and understand, and has plenty of practical ideas on how patients and public can become involved, engaged and empowered … Overall this book achieves its objective and if you are about to undertake PPI, I would recommend this toolkit as essential reading prior to embarking on that journey.” (British Journal of Cardiac Nursing, 1 November 2011)


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