New Coaching unwrapped Podcast!

I decided along with a Coach friend, Sarah Ives, to get with the zeitgeist and come together and create a podcast series. “Coaching unwrapped” is our podcast about our personal experience of what lies beneath coaching conversations and we have chosen topics that we think will be of interest to people.

We aim for a recipe of: good conversation, some practical wisdom, a small dollop of theory and a soupcon of humour! You don’t have to be a Coach or being coached to have a listen as its about human experience and how we interact with others.

The podcast episodes have been released monthly and look at the following topics:

  • “Being heard”: The 1st episode asks an important question of what is it like to be really heard? How often do we really experience that in our lives and what happens when we do? What is your personal experience of being heard?
  • “Do we continue to learn as we get older?” In the 2nd episode we discuss whether we are we fixed in our “hardwiring” as adults or do we have the capacity to learn and grow?
  • “Accessing your courage”: In this episode we discuss what courage is, what it looks like for our clients, and share what it looks like for us
  • “How to make changes in our lives”: In this episode we discuss how to make changes in our lives, why we should, and what change looks like in practice for our clients

A few of the recent reviews include feedback like:

“Two experienced Coaches having honest, insightful and thought provoking conversations on reliable topics such as courage. A refreshing and enjoyable listen for anyone interested in human interaction. Would highly recommend”

“Engaging, enlightening and illuminating. An interesting conversation with lots of expertise and experience worn lightly”

“A great listen, with a mix of wisdom and humour, these podcasts will have a broad appeal. Engaging conversation presented in a professional but easily accessible way”

The link is at: and you can listen on the streaming platform of your choice.

We would love to know what you think, either by commenting on the posts we are disseminating through the website, Linked In, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, sharing/re-posting the post, and/or subscribing to the podcast series or writing a review of the podcast.

We are trying to get this out as far and as wide as we can so any support you can offer gratefully received. If you want to find out more, let me know.

Thanks in anticipation!