Conflict Resolution Models

Conflict Resolution Models


The word “conversation” comes from the Latin root conversari, which means “to associate with”. The prefix con meaning “together” or “with”.  It’s an exchange of ideas and sentiments. As much as we’d all like to only engage in true conversations that are moving us toward a positive outcome, we occasionally don’t: at times like these, there is no exchange. Continue reading

Group conflict theory

Group conflict: the “shadow side”

Groups can have both a positive side, and there is evidence to show that individuals with some dysfunctionality can still collectively achieve tremendous things; the sum is greater than the parts. Groups can also have a negative side, which most people experience at some point as part of a group in their lives. Continue reading

Tips for handling conflict

Tips for Handling Conflict

1. Share negative emotions only in person or on the phone. E-mails, answering machine messages and notes are too impersonal for the delicate nature of negative words. What feels like a “bomb” on paper may feel much lighter when delivered in person. Continue reading