We specialise in coaching and coaching supervision, helping people to improve their psychological well being. There are a lot of reasons people consider coming into coaching; you may be at a career crossroads, not sure where to go next; you may lack confidence; or you are struggling with work/life balance. We can help you work through these issues gaining clarity and understanding, supporting you with changes you want to make.

If you are already a Coach and looking for coaching supervision, we can offer supportive, honest and challenging supervision, having supervised and trained Coaches for over 20 years. We established Crowe Associates in 2001 building a strong and credible business over two decades plus.

Coaching unwrapped Podcast

“Coaching unwrapped” is our podcast about our personal experience of what lies beneath coaching conversations and we have chosen topics that we think will be of interest to people including “being heard”, “do we learn as we get older?” and “how do we manage fear?”.

We aim for a recipe of: good conversation, some practical wisdom, a small dollop of theory and a soupcon of humour! You don’t have to be a Coach or being coached to have a listen as its about human experience and how we interact with others.There is more information in the what’s new section, but if you want to have a listen on the streaming platform of your choice, click on this link


How can we keep you on the website for longer than a couple of minutes?! We have created an extensive library of free resources; over 150 articles on all aspects of coaching and mentoring but also around wider aspects of personal growth and self awareness, many with downloadable resources that can be used. These articles are accessed from around the world.

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