Our values

We are driven by a few core values in the way we work:

  1. To do what we say we are going to do and do it pretty well. We really listen to what our clients want, and aim to make a real tangible difference to the individuals, teams and organisations we work with
  2. To work for reasonable and competitive rates. We aren’t the cheapest, and certainly not the most expensive: we focus on offering value for money which is why clients come back time and time again
  3. We bring all of ourselves into our work; each of us are recognised experts in our field.. What we do is a long held vocation, not just another piece of work
  4. We aim through various voluntary and pro bono activities to give something back as a principle of ethical business practice. Sally is on the editorial board of Research Involvement and Engagement journal and a Cochrane consumer. David is a volunteer for a School Mentoring programme with Adviza and does some pro bono coaching and mentoring work.