Research Prioritisation

Research Prioritization

Sally has been involved in research prioritization since 2005, initially in developing the James Lind Alliance in the UK.  For her personal viewpoint and interest in this area see this BMJ Blog

The James Lind Alliance (JLA) promotes and supports Priority Setting Partnerships of patients, carers and clinicians to gather and prioritize research ideas.  Sally was a member of the founding team and has supported many partnerships including those in; asthma, vitiligo, eczema, type 1 diabetes, multiple sclerosis, pressure ulcers, and pre-term birth.  Further afield Sally has worked with groups in Canada and Australia.  She is interested in prioritization methodology and has recently completed, with Kristina Staley, an evaluation of the impact of JLA partnerships on research, people and organisations, called More Than a Top 10

AS a co convener of the Cochrane Prioritization Methods Group, she has assisted Cochrane Review Groups in prioritizing their portfolio of systematic reviews and updates.  She has also worked with Evidence Aid, which provides resources for the disaster and humanitarian emergency community and stimulates the production of systematic reviews relevant to these areas.

Prioritization of outcomes used in healthcare research also need to be prioritized, preferably with people that are potential beneficiaries of research.  Sally has been a core member of the SONG initiative which aims to identify and promote the use of core outcomes in kidney research with people living with kidney disease.

Crowe Associates has developed a training package for a Prioritization Methods Workshop that was piloted with a UK based Research Design Service.

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