Research Priority Setting 

Research Priority Setting, that involves stakeholders (especially the public) has developed at a great pace in the last 10 years.  There are now numerous published journal articles describing research priority setting, where different models (James Lind Alliance, Dialogue Model, Q Sort) and frameworks have been used.

Sally’s interests are in research priority setting exercises which involve multiple stakeholders; healthcare professionals, patients, carers, the public and researchers.  She also has an interest in methods to include the public in research priority setting and co convened the Cochrane Prioritization Methods Group 

Reporting research priority setting is also an interest and the publication of a Reporting Guideline (REPRISE) will help improve the quality of descriptions and evaluations of priority setting.  The James Lind Alliance community have adapted this guidance for how they report their findings.

Recent priority setting work during the COVID19 pandemic include priorities for systematic reviews of research (Cochrane) and core outcomes for clinical trials (COVID COS)

Sally has worked with colleagues in Australia exploring research priorities for those affected by Family and Domestic Violence and with Evidence Aid to set priorities for Disaster and Relief Systematic Reviews of Research.  Closer to home she assisted Southampton University to set priorities for research in basic nursing care.