Evidence in agenda setting: new directions for the Cochrane Collaboration

This paper is a commentary on published accounts and reviews of Research Priority and Agenda Setting exercises, that can inform the future direction of priority setting Systematic Reviews in Cochrane.

The authors critique the published accounts and assess where they add to our existing knowledge and understanding of priority setting and where there are gaps.  It suggests 6 key steps for Cochrane Collaborative Review Groups to improve their research priority setting strategies.  It also gives information about the Cochrane Prioritization Methods Group that was convened in November 2011 to address these methodological issues.

This paper was published in the Journal of Clinical Epidemiology in August 2012, authors Nasser M, Welch V, Ueffing E, Crowe S, Oliver S, Carlo R.

To find out more about Cochrane, click here, for more information the Cochrane Prioritization Methods Group click here.