PPI Toolkit – “Perfect Pocketsized Instructions”

This toolkit book, published by Wiley Blackwell  and part of an evidence based series for British Medical Jounral was a year in the making. Sally Crowe and Julia Cartwright, together with editors Doug Badenoch and Carl Heneghan have been  on an interesting journey to make the theory and practice of Patient and Public Involvement accessible, interesting and useful.

The design is quick reference, digestible chunks of information, with lots of case studies and resources.

We hope that the book will become a handy ‘aide-memoire’ for those practitioners that seek to engage, and involve patients, service users, carers and the public in service development and research.

The toolkit has received great feedback – here are some snippets.

Overall this book achieves its objective and if you are about to undertake PPI, I would recommend this toolkit as essential reading prior to embarking on that journey.” (British Journal of Cardiac Nursing, 1 November 2011)

PPI – Perfect Pocketsized Instructions – This is a great little book to help health professionals (and all public service providers) to understand the added value of involving people in their work.

Plethora of Practical Ideas – PPI – The book is filled with sensible things to do that will Involve, Engage and Empower people at all levels in the development and improvement of health and social care services and research.” (Amazon Review)

“This Toolkit easy-to-read publication is simply jam-packed with sensible information and advice” (Amazon Review)

“Full of practical, common sense, proven advice it will safely navigate you through the complexities of PPI from conception right through to evaluation in a concise, easy to follow way.” (Amazon Review 

You can find out more about the toolkit on our resources page.

If you would like to check out the feedback or buy the tookit, here is a link to the page on Amazon.