Recent coaching articles and resources

In the course of working with groups and individuals, and reading around various topics, I come across a number of articles and resources that I have found helpful. It’s an eclectic bunch! 

The first is a Leadership assessment tool. The tool looks at 4 typical Leadership styles including directing, facilitating, coaching and delegating. I have used the framework as an assessment tool in Coaching skills workshops successfully to look at aspects of situational leadership, when different styles for different situations and people are appropriate.

I am dealing with a fair number of people interested in career change currently in my coaching practice, and have been looking at career change frameworks and models to use in this work. I do think it is very current and live with all the changes going on in the public sector

Career drivers are more than a tendency or disposition. They are an inner motivation which strongly influences the individual, and the career drivers assessment looks at identifying individuals’ key drivers.

The vulnerability video on You Tube featuring Brene Brown, is a poignant and profound watch, and worth 20 minutes of your life (!).

The idea of the “4 cylinders” model is to help people review where they are in relation to the areas of personal well being. Depletion in any area will affect one’s overall wellbeing, the results a person creates, or how long they can sustain a consistent performance. Being able to develop self-awareness about the state of these four energies and helping develop resourcefulness to replenish them helps ensure people are in the best state to take action

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