New Coaching articles and tools

PSYCHOTHERAPY 2As part of preparing for a set of spring Coaching Learning sets with in house Coaches, I have identified 4 new articles on various aspects of Coaching, along with all of the previous articles and tools over the last couple of years, which I think are worthy of a read. I usually try and find a blend of practicals tools that Coaches can use with clients in sessions or outside the sessions, and background articles.

The “spring collection” (!) is:

  • A deceptively simple Purpose Practice Sheet Tool which links values-options-making room for what you love
  • A background career tool to start thinking about what motivates you at work called Career Drivers Assessment
  • A Brene Brown article showing how to work with emotion and change your narrative: Brené Brown on how to Reckon with emotion and change your narrative
  • An article on Gestalt theory in Coaching, an interesting approach to try and adjust between the “figure and ground” in a coaching context