New Coaching Tools and articles

autumnAs part of preparing for a set of autumn Coaching Learning sets with in house Coaches, I have identified  4 new articles and tools, along with all of the previous articles and tools over the last couple of years, which I think are worthy of a read. I usually try and find a blend of practicals tools that Coaches can use with clients in sessions or outside the sessions, and background articles.

The “autumn collection” (!) is:

  • A short article as an overview of the initial contracting phase of Coaching
  • A new Coaching tool based on the comfort stretch panic model
  • A coaching progress review: a reflective exercise that allows clients to think about their next session, the positives and challenges and how the work is going for them overall
  • Stakeholders Coaching exercise: a psychological exercise that will help us reflect on the border between Coaching and counselling, this exercise looks at the power of key figures in our lives;