New Coaching tools and articles; the “spring collection”

As part of preparing for a set of spring Coaching Learning sessions with in house Coaches, I have identified  some new articles and tools (click on the link to access all the information) , along with all of the previous articles and tools over the last couple of years, which I think are worthy of a read. I usually try and find a blend of practicals tools that Coaches can use with clients in sessions or outside the sessions, and background articles.

The “spring collection” is:

Values and purpose Tool: This is a Coaching tool I created from merging (like 2 ends of a car!) your core values with the idea of creating your own personal coat of arms. It came out of some coaching work with an individual who really wanted to connect their personal values with the work they were doing.

Neuroplasticity: Changing our Belief about Change. I came across this doing some research on neuroscience. This article is about the power of neuroscience: as the saying goes, “neurons that fire together, wire together.” The more we practice something, the more we strengthen the pathway, and the easier the skill becomes

The talented Coachee article: interesting article that looks at the role that Coachees (clients) play in the coaching work, and especially their “enabling” and “defensive” skills

“The Life Canvas”; similar to the values and purpose tool, but a bit more comprehensive, I thought this was interesting in how it borrows from strategic business thinking to apply to  us as individuals to chart who and what we are across our whole lives; if you want a bit of background reading to the tool, take a look at this link: