Values and Beliefs Tools

Values represent your core beliefs. What is important to you? What drives you? These create the building blocks for everything you do. These create your base. Everything grows from here. At their heart, they are fundamental “policies” that define who we are.

In a coaching context, there are times when people need to make big decisions, and need to access their values base to know the best way forward for them. Sometimes, people are either not aware of their values, or haven’t “visited” them for some time, and need to go back to the basics, to their core, to reflect.

Things become important to us when we believe they will take us in the direction of that ultimate goal in life: happiness as a state of being. So, working with clients, establishing, or re-iterating values for a life crossroads, a career crossroads, or a general “MOT” of where they are, can be very useful.

Values exercise

This values exercise helps people rank order values in life on a high, medium and low basis and encourages people to reflect on ways in which they may be able to achieve greater satisfaction of their values in both their working life and personal life.

“Peak experience” coaching tool

This peak experience exercise works a bit differently to identifying and prioritising values: it aims to identify those moments when you are absolutely at your best, when you are “in the zone”: you are not conscious of time passing because it is going so quickly and you are so absorbed. It is useful in identifying values for clients and can be used to help clients who are trying to make big choices around e.g. where they are going with their career, whether to change hours/retire/seek promotion etc.

Values and purpose Tool

The VALUES-AND-PURPOSE-TOOL is a Coaching tool I created from merging (like 2 ends of a car!) your core values with the idea of creating your own personal coat of arms. It came out of some coaching work with an individual who really wanted to connect their personal values with the work they were doing.