JLA approach to priority setting for prostate cancer research

The James Lind Alliance approach to priority setting for prostate cancer research: an integrative methodology based on patient and clinician participation

Lophatananon A,Tyndale-Biscoe S, Malcolm E, Rippon H,  Holmes K, Firkins L, Fenton M, Crowe S , Stewart-Brown S,  Gnanapragasam V and Muir K.

British Journal of Urology International, 2011, Vol 108, Issue 7, p 1040 – 1043

Research in many fields of medical investigation is principally researcher and
response led. The medical industry is advancing in both treatments and technologies, but the ideas and views of both patients and clinicians are often forgotten, even though these groups clearly have a shared interest in research. Patients themselves are becoming increasingly familiar with research, particularly through the internet, and with their direct experience of disease they should be an important voice when identifying research priorities.   Continue reading

The PRIME project

The PRIME project: developing a patient evidence base

Staniszewska S,  Crowe S,  Badenoch D, Edwards C , Savage J, Norman W.   Health Expectations, Vol 13, Issue 3, pages 312–322, September 20

The concept of evidence has become firmly rooted in health care, with most importance placed on the outcome of research in clinical and economic spheres. Much less emphasis is placed on the patient’s contribution to evidence which remains relatively vague, of low status and often difficult to integrate with other forms of knowledge. Continue reading